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GRAC Summer Activities

GRAC is on summer break. The 2018-19 membership meetings will resume in September. Click here for a list of next season's programs. In the meantime, we have a few field trips scheduled for the upcoming months including our Thursday Millennium Park trips throughout the summer. Continue checking the website for the latest bird sightings from the four counties of Kent, Allegan, Ottawa and Muskegon.

GRAC Field Trip Schedule Update

The current field trip schedule includes dates and descriptions of all scheduled trips--plan ahead!  Always check the field trip page as trips are continuously being added.

Upcoming trips: There is a field trip scheduled in the month of July. And don't forget the recurring Millennium Park field trips every Thursday throughout summer. A field trip, co-sponsored by the Grand Rapids Public Library and GRAC, is planned this summer on Saturday, June 23. For details click here.

Update on Sandhill Crane Huntig in Michigan

GOOD NEWS! The DNR and the NRC have no current plans to add Sandhill Cranes to the game species list. Read the full report on the Conservation Issues page.

New Bird Photographs Added

The Macaulay Library page now includes over 40 photographs for 2018. The GRAC photo page recently added two amazing photographs of a leucistic Rose-breasted Grosbeak. The photographs were taken by Robin Smith at her residence in Gaines Twp, MI. Click here or here to see these photos.

Help Lead the Grand Rapids Audubon Club

There are still opportunities to help lead the club forward. Recent volunteers include Theresa Dykhuis who is taking over Membership, Keith Helmus will be chairperson of the Finance Committee, and Sheryl Helmus has accepted the nomination for President. We still need volunteers for a few other positions. Click here for details.

GRAC makes a real difference right here in West Michigan through environmental and nature education and advocacy. This is your chance to help. If you want to volunteer or have questions, contact Scott Hutchings at nominations@graud.org.

Climate Watch Program

GRAC is in the process of becoming an active participant in the Climate Watch Program which is sponsored by the Audubon Society. What is the Climate Watch Program? Find details on the Conservation Issues page. A link to the page is on the ACTVITIES drop down menu above.

Speaker Series of Interest

Michigan Audubon Seminar Series: July 9: Lobbying on Behalf of Birds with Brian Merlos, August 13: Safe Passage and Window Collisions with Heidi Trudell. Click here for information.

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, Dr. J. Drew Lanham, ornithologist, conservationist, and distinguished professor at Clemson University, shared his personal stories addressing issues relating to the environment, social justice, and bringing nature into the urban experience. Click here for a video recording of Dr. Lanham's speech.

Worldwide Bird Cams

Clicking on the thumbnail left leads to a site featuring live streaming bird cams, updated videos, and/or updated photographs of nesting wild birds. You can follow the efforts of the parents and the progress of the young birds by periodically visiting these nest cam sites.

2018 Birding Tours with Bill Sweetman

GRAC member Bill Sweetman is offering the following exciting birding tour: July 31 to August 7: Deserts, Mountains, Canyons and Birds: from Phoenix. Click here for details on these trips.

eBird Reports

Interesting eBird sightings for March 2018, April 2018 and May 2018 are available. Beginning in January 2018, the monthly eBird summary will only include the very unusual and rare sightings. Earlier reports are available on request from bird.reports@graud.org.

GRAC and Bird News

The May-June 2018 Caller is now available from the newsletter link above.

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The Birdathon is now complete! News of the 2018 Birdathon can be viewed by clicking on the graphic above.

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How do hummingbirds cheat death? Click on thumbnail above.

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Don't forget the bird sightings page is updated on a daily basis. New reports are added from area sightings in Allegan, Kent, Muskegon and Ottawa Counties.

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Between the bird photo, nature photo and Macaulay Library page we have well over 200 photographs available on the website. Don't forget to check the video page.

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Interesting Bird Articles:

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