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GRAC is on Summer Break

Grand Rapids Audubon Club will return to our monthly membership meetings in September. Until then keep checking back for updates on our field trip schedules. You can always use eBird to keep current on bird sightings in the area.

GRAC Field Trip Schedule Update

The current field trip schedule includes dates and descriptions of all scheduled trips--plan ahead!  Always check the field trip page as trips are continuously being added.

Bill Sweetman is again offering several tour opportunities. See the Special Events page for details

Upcoming trips: Don't forget the recurring Millennium Park field trips every Thursday.

The 2019 Birdathon is here! The birdathon is a competitive birdwatching event and fundraiser. It is intended to be fun for everyone and friendly to beginners. Funds raised are used to provide environmental education for children, young people and adults in West Michigan. Want to learn more? Click on the Birdathon logo left.

Nominations for Board Members

The members nominated for 2019-2020 year for elected Board positions are; President: Sheryl Helmus, Vice-President: Scott Hutchings, Secretary: Jeni Taheri, Treasurer: Jeff Neumann, Assistant Treasurer: Cynthia Davidek, Board Member at Large: Shawn Taheri, Board Member at Large: Tom Leggett. Two Board Members at Large who will be serving the second year of their terms are Landon Bell and Jan Lewis. The election will be held at the annual meeting, May 20th at Roselle Park.

Become a Citizen Scientist: Join Climate Watch 2019

You’re invited to get involved with GRAC in helping Audubon conduct meaningful research in our community via the Climate Watch program, a new community science program that explores how North American birds are responding to climate change. Click here for more information.

Michigan Audubon 2019 Seminar Series

Michigan Audubon is excited that the 2019 Seminar Series is beginning to take shape and this year’s lineup has a little something for everyone. Seminars are free and open to the public. Sessions take place on the second Monday of each month. Click here for details.

Upcoming Michigan Birding Festivals

Just like the flowers springing up at this time of year, birding festivals are blooming. For a list of the major festivals and links to their websites click here.

Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens Birding Festival

Birders of all abilities are invited to Midland, Michigan for the inaugural Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens Birding Festival, September 19 to 21, 2019. Attendees will learn from more than 20 distinguished conservationists, researchers, photographers, naturalists, and environmental educators. For complete details click here.

Help Lead the Grand Rapids Audubon Club

There are still opportunities to help lead GRAC forward. We still need volunteers for a few positions that are important to the club. Click here for details.

GRAC makes a real difference right here in West Michigan through environmental and nature education and advocacy. This is your chance to help. If you want to volunteer or have questions, contact Scott Hutchings at nominations@graud.org.

Worldwide Bird Cams

Clicking on the thumbnail left leads to a site featuring live streaming bird cams, updated videos, and/or updated photographs of nesting wild birds. You can follow the efforts of the parents and the progress of the young birds by periodically visiting these nest cam sites. Click Here for a nesting Great Horned Owl in Michigan's Upper Peninsula courtesy of the Copper Country Audubon Club.

GRAC Media Pages Include Photographs and Videos

Between the bird photo, nature photo and Macaulay Library page we have well over 400 photographs available on the website. Don't forget to check the video page.

GRAC and Bird News

The April 2019 Caller is now available from the newsletter link above.

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Sandhill Crane hunting is again under consideration in Michigan. Click here for information.

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See the workday notes added to the Maher webpage.

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Please note that there are new rules for access to the Caledonia Sewage Ponds. Click here for details.

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A Rare Bald Eagle Trio—Two Dads and a Mom. In a tall tree situated on the Mississippi River in Fulton, Illinois, three eagles, a female and two males, are looking after three downy eaglets. Click here for the story.

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Updated Bird Articles:

Invasive Reptiles are taking over Florida/ Devouring its Birds Along the Way

Pulling North American Loons Back from the Brink

Meet the Brainiacs: Common Raven

How the Red Tide Has Wreaked Havoc on Florida’s Birds

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The Mystery of Washington's Eagle

John James Audubon's discovery of a bird that might not exist.

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