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March 2018 Membership Meeting

In the early 1800s, southern lower Michigan was covered in 2.23 million acres of prairie and savanna. Much of this was converted for agricultural purposes as the state grew. Experts have worked to reestablish tall grass prairies in the region, with the hope of providing new homes for species like the Henslow’s Sparrow. This month's speaker, Dr. Rob Keys, will present insights into the natural history of this state endangered bird and what his team is learning about the relationship of Henslow’s Sparrows with grasslands and restored prairies. Click here for meeting details.

GRAC Needs Your Help

The following positions need to be filled to keep Grand Rapids Audubon running: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Finance Chairperson, Fund Development Chairperson, Junior Audubon Leader, Audubon Adventures Representative and Special Event Coordinator. For an explanation of the duties of these positions click here.

The Club, through its educational and conservation programs, makes a real difference right here in West Michigan. This is your opportunity to make a contribution. If you are interested in helping GRAC with any of these positions contact Scott Hutchings at nominations@graud.org.

Thornapple Woodpecker Festival

Saturday, April 28, 2018, Village Hall, 100 E Main St, Middleville MI.

Details on the Special Events page.

Climate Watch Program

GRAC is in the process of becoming an active participant in the Climate Watch Program which is sponsored by the Audubon Society. What is the Climate Watch Program? Find details on the Conservation Issues page. A link to the page is on the ACTVITIES drop down menu above.

Is Sandhill Crane Hunting Coming to Michigan?

It could happen! The Michigan Natural Resources Committee voted to pass House Resolution 154, which encourages the Michigan Natural Resources Commission to open a recreational Sandhill Crane hunting season. For information on this, including a January 2018 update, see the Conservation and Environment Issues page.

Speaker Series of Interest

The Wege Foundation Speaker Series with ornithologist Dr. J. Drew Lanham. April 12, 4:00 PM. Click here for more information.
Michigan Audubon Seminar Series: April 9: Birding 101 with Dea Armstrong; May 14: Invasive Species in Mid-Michigan with Erin Pavloski; June 11: The Art of Birding “by Ear” with Jim McGrath; July 9: Lobbying on Behalf of Birds with Brian Merlos. Click here for information.
Michigan United Conservation Clubs presents Local Wildlife and Pollinator Workshops. Find details and a workshop in your area by clicking here.

GRAC Field Trip Schedule Update

The current field trip schedule includes dates and descriptions of all scheduled trips--plan ahead!  Always check the field trip page as trips are continuously being added.

Upcoming trips: There are three field trips scheduled in April: Saturday, April 7, Tuesday, April 17 and Saturday, April 21. Remember the recurring Millennium Park field trips every Thursday in March and April.

2018 Birding Tours with Bill Sweetman

GRAC member Bill Sweetman is offering the following exciting birding tour: July 31 to August 7: Deserts, Mountains, Canyons and Birds: from Phoenix. Click here for details on these trips.

eBird Reports

Interesting eBird sightings for December 2017, January 2018 and February 2018 are available. Beginning in January 2018, the monthly eBird summary will only include the very unusual and rare sightings. Earlier reports are available on request from bird.reports@graud.org.

GRAC and Bird News

The March 2018 Caller is now available from the newsletter link above.

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The 2018 Birdathon is coming! Click on the Birdathon graphic for for details.

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Don't forget the bird sightings page is updated on a daily basis. New reports are added from area sightings in Allegan, Kent, Muskegon and Ottawa Counties.

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Local Events of Interest

Climate Fest

Discover! Millennium Park

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Between the bird photo, nature photo and Macaulay Library page we have well over 200 photographs available on the website. Don't forget to check the video page.

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Interesting Bird Articles:

Hummingbirds Do Make Sounds!

Burrowing Owls on Marco Island

Why Do Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers Look So Alike?

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