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May is the peak of migration. Neotropicals, warblers, flycatchers and thrushes arrive in full force and reach their peak about mid-month. Although, due to our cold April this could be extended to later in the month. For example, only ten warbler species were reported for April as opposed to eighteen last year, and the peak of kinglet migration was later than usual. Shorebird numbers will build through the end of the month where there is appropriate habitat. Locally, check out your favorite wetlands and potholes, the Muskegon Wastewater, Coopersville and Caledonia Sewage Ponds and lakeshore state parks. Weather will affect migrants, especially those migrating nocturnally. Southerly winds overnight, along with fair weather and clear night skies favor migrants. Many will overfly the region to arrive safely on breeding grounds; a poor set-up for birdwatchers, but ideal for the migrants. Always watch for migrant fallout and unusual species following strong storms and/or fog. Migrants encountering these conditions are grounded – they must find shelter and food and wait out the inclement weather. So keep an eye on weather forecasts, especially during migration.

Allegan County (eBird link)

Allegan State Game Area, Todd Farm
Black-bellied Plover 2 May 19
Western Meadowlark 1 continuing May 19
-- located at 58th St between 116th and 117th Aves
White-rumped Sandpiper 2 May 20
Clay-colored Sparrow 1 May 20

58th St between 116th and 117th Aves (Allegan SGA Todd Farm)
Black-bellied Plover 1 May 15

Allegan State Game Area, Swan Creek at 116th Ave
Worm-eating Warbler 2 continuing
-- known location for years; breed at this location

Allegan State Game Area, M-89 Kalamazoo River Bridge and Boat Launch
Cerulean Warbler 5 continuing May 16

Allegan State Game Area, Highbanks Unit
Cerulean Warbler 2 May 16

41st St and 122nd Ave
Yellow Warbler x Prairie Warbler hybrid 1 continuing May 14
-- known location for this species

118th Ave and 23rd St
Short-billed Dowitcher 22 May 13

Swan Creek Marsh
Cerulean Warbler 1 May 13

Mt Baldhead Park
Golden-winged Warbler 1 May 14

116th Ave and 8th St wetland
Common Gallinule 2 May 15

Allegan Mountain Bike Park
Golden-winged Warbler 1 May 15

128th Ave E of 58th St
Mourning Warbler 1 May 19

Kent County (eBird link)

Follow the Peregrine Falcons in downtown Grand Rapids by clicking here.

Caledonia Sewage Ponds (see note in right column)
Black Tern 1 May 12

Clear Lake Access Trail
Golden-winged Warbler 1 May 12

Camp Lake
Black Tern 2 May 12

Ken-O-Sha Park
Worm-eating Warbler 1 May 13

Indian Mounds Dr SW to Market
Golden-winged Warbler 1 May 16
Cerulean Warbler 1 May 16

Millennium Park
Cerulean Warbler 1 May 16

E end of 52nd St SE by Kent Co Airport
Henslow’s Sparrow 2 continuing May 21

Pickerel Lake Nature Preserve
Mourning Warbler 1 May 20

Muskegon County (eBird link)

Muskegon Wastewater
Eared Grebe 2 continuing May 20 (photo)
Wilson’s Phalarope 1 continuing May 17
Clay-colored Sparrow 1 May 12

Muskegon State Park, beach
Piping Plover 2 continuing
-- known nesting location

Muskegon State Game Area, Lane’s Landing
Brewer’s Blackbird 3 May 16
Common Gallinule 1 May 17
Cerulean Warbler 1 May 17
Least Bittern 1 May 19

Muskegon State Game Area, Headquarters
Cerulean Warbler 1 May 17

Fisherman’s Landing
Snowy Owl 1 May 17

Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve
Clay-colored Sparrow 1 May 17

Ottawa County (eBird link)

Harbor Island Grand Haven
American White Pelican 3 May 12
Black-crowned Night-Heron 1 May 19 (photo)

Grand Haven north pier
Ruddy Turnstone 2 May 18

Upper Macatawa Natural Area, 84th Ave access
American Bittern 1 continuing May 16 (photo)
Golden-winged Warbler 1 female May 14

Holland State Park
Black-bellied Plover 1 May 12
Black Tern 4 May 18
Glaucous Gull 1 continuing May 21
Franklin’s Gull 1 continuing May 21
-- initially found by Curtis Dykstra
Ruddy Turnstone 1 May 21

Pine Creek Park
Golden-winged Warbler 1 female May 17

AAA Turf Farm
Brewer’s Blackbird 6 continuing May 16
Whimbrel 5 May 15 (photo)
Willet 5 May 15 (photo)
Short-billed Dowitcher 2 May 15

76th Ave and Garfield St
Black-bellied Plover 1 May 13
Short-billed Dowitcher 1 May 13 (photo)

Windmill Island Gardens
Least Bittern 1 May 15

Common Gallinule 2 May 17

Grand River Park
Black-bellied Whistling Duck 3 May 17 (photo)

Grand Haven State Game Area, Bruce Bayou, 129th Ave access
American Bittern 1 continuing May 16
Common Gallinule 3 continuing May 21

Grand Haven State Game Area, Bruce Bayou, 132nd Ave access
Common Gallinule 3 continuing May 21

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