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By July most passerines are feeding young from their first broods and some from their second. By the end of the month you will notice diminished singing activity as breeding season winds down for many. American Goldfinches wait for the peak thistle bloom, using thistledown to line their nests, so their nesting activity generally begins in July. I have seen adults still feeding juveniles at my feeders in late September and early October. Activity at your feeders will pick up a bit this month as feeder birds bring the juveniles in to eat. The first adults of many Arctic breeding shorebirds are already starting their southerly journey, so check out appropriate habitat. Remember to watch for migrant fallout and unusual species following strong storms.

Allegan County (eBird link)

Allegan State Game Area, Todd Farm
Dickcissel continuing

Allegan State Game Area, Swan Creek at 116th Ave
Worm-eating Warbler 2 continuing
-- known location for years; breed at this location

Kalamazoo River mouth
American Avocet 2 Jul 15
Willet 5 Jul 15
Piping Plover 1 continuing Jul 15

Kent County (eBird link)

Follow the Peregrine Falcons in downtown Grand Rapids by clicking here.

E end of 52nd St SE by Kent Co Airport
Henslow’s Sparrow continuing
-- known location for this species

60th St near S runway of Gerald R Ford Int’l Airport
Henslow’s Sparrow continuing
-- known location for this species

Muskegon County (eBird link)

Muskegon Wastewater
White-rumped Sandpiper 1 continuing Jul 13
Dickcissel continuing
-- known location for this species
Northern Mockingbird 1 continuing Jul 14
Short-billed Dowitcher 5 continuing Jul 15
Stilt Sandpiper 2 continuing Jul 15 (photo)
Wilson’s Phalarope 2 continuing Jul 10
Eared Grebe 2 continuing Jul 13
American Avocet 6 Jul 14 (photo)
Willet 1 Jul 14

Muskegon State Park, beach
Piping Plover 3 continuing Jul 10 (photo)
-- one adult, two juvenile
Willet 2 Jul 13

Grand Trunk launch ramp
Least Bittern 2 Jul 8

Ottawa County (eBird link)

128th Ave and Bingham St
Dickcissel 2 continuing Jul 8

Upper Macatawa Natural Area
American Bittern 2 continuing Jul 11
Least Bittern 1 continuing Jul 11

Grand Haven State Game Area, Bruce Bayou, 129th Ave access
Least Bittern 1 continuing Jul 9
Common Gallinule 1 continuing Jul 9

Holland State Park
Willet 1 Jul 13
Lesser Black-backed Gull 1 Jul 16

Near Windmill Island
Black-crowned Night-Heron 1 Jul 13
-- seen while boating

AAA Turf Farm
Brewer’s Blackbird 9 Jul 15

Apio and Elmwood Lakes walking path
Brewer’s Blackbird 3 continuing Jul 16

Sighting Information

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A new "Hall of Fame" of rare bird sightings from Allegan, Kent, Ottawa and Muskegon counties is now available. Click here to view the new page.

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Grand Rapids

Grand Haven

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