Special Events

Thornapple Woodpecker Festival (website)

Date and Time:
Saturday, April 27, 2019

Village of Middleville Hall
100 E Main St, Middleville MI

Free to Public

Events: along Paul Henry Trail
7:00 AM to Noon: paved trail will have roving guides and stationary guides with spotting scopes
8:00 AM to Noon: the paved trail will offer motored cart rides to those needing help with trail mobility

Speaker Presentations: 45 minutes each at Village Hall
8:00 AM: Bird Identification and using eBird with Cal and Jean Lamoreaux
9:00 AM: Bird Photography with Michael DeBoer
10:00 AM: Kirtland’s Warbler: An Endangered Species Act Success Story with Bill Sweetman
11:00 AM: Michigan Bluebird Society with Kurt Hagemeister

The Conference room in the Village Hall will offer a display of Michael DeBoer’s photography from 6:30 AM throughout day. Restrooms and a drinking fountain are available in the Village Hall. Free Parking is available in the lot behind the Village Hall and on streets.

Information will be provided on other nearby birding locations, including Grand Rapids Audubon's Maher Sanctuary, where Chris Baer will be available to aid new birders to the sanctuary.

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Bill Sweetman's 2019 Tour Information

South Texas: Birding the Coast, Valley and Hill Countr
-- April 4-11 From San Antonio

Deserts, Mountains, Canyons and Birds
-- August 1-8 From Phoenix

California, From the Sierras to the Sea
-- Mid-September From San Francisco (exact dates TBA)

This year I will again be offering 2 of my favorite tours, South Texas and Southeast Arizona. South Texas involves getting a jump on springtime and spring migration. Arizona comes at a time when birding is slow in West Michigan. I did both tours last year and they were very successful. Just to prove I am not in a rut, I will also be offering a Central California tour in September. Click here for complete details. Additional information is available by requesting a projected itinerary from me. Please contact me ASAP if any of these tours interest you.

Bill Sweetman 616-460-0112, Email:bsweettours@gmail.com


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