Birdathon 2018

We hope everyone who has had fun during past birdathons will enjoy it this year also. Please plan on birding any time between April 15 and May 31.

Summary of Rules:

1. At least two people per team so all sightings are confirmed by at least 2 team members.
2. Team members stay within sight of each other while birding.
3. Six hours per team.
4. Locations in Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon and Barry counties qualify.
5. Keep a list of your sightings and locations.
6. There is no pre-registration required.
7. You can be on as many teams as you like.

After you have completed the 6 hours please send your list using the birdathon submission form available to right with the names, addresses, email addresses (optional) of the team members, and ages for youth, along with a check for a minimum of $25.00 for each team.

Mail team information and results to:

Jill Goodell, 55 Lawndale Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
-- delivered or postmarked by June 15.

There will be ‘traveling trophies’ awarded at the September meeting in the following categories:
-   Most money raised by a team
-   Most species observed by a team
-   Rarest birds on a single team’s list
-   Wild-card bird. This year the Baltimore Oriole – the most seen by a team
-   Youth team competition – Most species observed by a team with at least half of the members under age 18 years.
-   Possibly others to be determined

Thanks and have a great time!!

Birdathon Information

Birdathon 2018 Forms:

Click below for the Birdathon forms and print as many copies as required.

1. Click here for Instructions and frequently asked questions.

2. Click here for registration form.

3. Click here for pledge form.

4. Click here for submission form.